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Discovery LDT is the Georgian leading provider of the ground services in the aviation sector and travel Industry and is recognized as the benchmark in terms of value for money, customer dedication, and cost management. 

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David Gareja Tour

Davit Gareja Monastery Complex – one of the most notable religious and cultural centers of Georgia, the monastery cave complex. It is located in Kakheti, Sagarejo

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Borjomi, Rabath, Vardzia

Visit city Borjomi, Borjomi Park and taste a mineral water Borjomi from natural spring. Akhalthikhe, where you visit Rabati Castle, originally established in the 9th

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a one-stop-shop for Airline Companies or Travel related issues in Georgia, online or offline. To provide the aviation and travel industry with consistent and tailor- made solutions around the globe, for better customer experience.